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Energy Saver

Compact fluorescent lamps are fast becoming the lamp of choice. Benefits include four to five times the efficiency of incandescent lamps, excellent high color rendering, better light output, and up to 13 times longer life. Continuing advancements in compact florescent technology provides substantial benefits. The color temperatures include warm, cool daylight and various colors.



Halogen (lamps) combines high efficiency and superior beam control with a brightness that is whiter than standard incandescent lights. Its optimum color temperature and rendering characteristics make for outstanding accent, display and task lighting.



Incandescent lamps in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Sunrise lighting offers a full line of superior long-life bulbs. Incandescent lamps offer warmth and dim ability in a range of styles to meet the needs of any business setting. Sunrise lighting brings them to you at very competitive prices.


Soft White

More light exactly where its needed for brighter work surfaces, vivid track lighting or dramatic accents.  The industry standard for soft, diffused light and reduced glare.




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